Small, blond-haired Andoral Raedwald - Ando for short - is a hyperactive, excitable boy, inclined to come up with wild schemes. He is constantly in search of adventure, and as the natural leader among his friends he is the one who takes the initiative, frequently dragging them into his little schemes. Having learned about the principles of worshipping the Shadow That Walks from books and the Internet, he became an unapologetic fanboy of the legendary Arenadd Taranisäii and eventually persuaded his three friends to form a little circle of shadow worshippers and join the ancient search for Arenadd's final resting place.

Fond of video games and movies, and inclined to talk far too quickly, Ando is easy to underestimate - but beneath his boyish enthusiasm he is far stronger than he seems. He has had a secret crush on Sandy since they were both twelve, and constantly tries to impress her - though so far she has remained oblivious.


-Ando's name was made up on the spot, simply because it "sounded right". Later on I decided that it was short for something. His surname was inspired by my readings in the archives where I work, at Radford College, where I learned that the name Radford was originally "Redford" before being distorted into its present-day version

-Ando is, essentially, a fanboy - even in the most inappropriate circumstances he is inclined to start geeking out about how "cool" something is. Personally I've always found that kind of guy adorable. Ando is one of the few characters I've written who I wouldn't mind meeting in person. Then again, I may already have done so


"That was epic!"