Chessi's parents are millionaires, but you wouldn't know it. Big, strong and tough, Chessi hates other rich kids, and though she's something of a wine connoisseur she is perfectly happy going on a barhop with her friends. She and Fellan have a close bond - they met when she rescued him from a highschool bully, and she introduced him to Sandy and Ando. Whenever Fellan says something cynical, Chessi is there to jab him in the ribs.


-Her full name is Chessamine, but anyone who calls her by it is liable to be thumped

-Her parents own the lucrative Anson Winery, as well as a racetrack in Wolfton

-Her mother Tamsin was named after a friend of my mother's, who is quite possibly the tallest and most imposing woman I've met

-I made Chessi the big, tough member of the group because I liked the idea of a strong and muscular character who also happens to be a (straight) girl


"I'm not a coward - I'm just not stupid"

"Shut up, Fellan"