Dr Elias Redrick Hills

A professor and lecturer in religious history at Malvern University, Dr Hills has a reputation as the grumpiest and most exacting scholar in the entire faculty. He has published numerous books on Simran history, and given guest lectures at several other universities, as well as participating in several archaeological digs during his student days.

Dr Hills

Dr Hills' personal life has been less successful than his professional one, as he came to the attention of the university authorities after assaulting a student who he caught racially harassing a classmate, and also for teaching classes while under the influence of alcohol. Despite this he managed to keep his job, even after admitting to having a drinks cabinet in his office. It is rumoured that he was once incarcerated in a mental institution, but he refuses to comment on that.


"Why is it that people get interested as soon as I mention the words 'human sacrifice'?"

" should never turn your back on mystery. There is more to the past than any of us will ever know, and the study of history can help us to uncover some of it."