An aristocratic Junger living in the city of Augenstein, Elynor was born in Gallia and trained there as a Druiden priestess before leaving her homeland as a teenager and joining the Jungen. Thanks to her Druid training, Elynor is a shapeshifter who can change into a large yellow cat at will.

Despite appearing to be a loyal Junger, Elynor is secretly in love with her fellow Junger, Ambrose, and the two of them break their vows of celibacy together - a crime which carries the death penalty. Still, they hope to keep it a secret - at least until Elynor becomes pregnant...

Blonde and elegant, Elynor may look harmless, but she is a fierce and independent woman, with the famously fiery Gallisch temper. As a high-ranking Junger she is also astute in the ways of politics. She has a special talent in the magical manipulation of plants and the soil, and is very fond of her dragon, Spurling.

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"T’es un imbécile! What have you done?"

"You’re insane. No human could have a hope against the Drachengott."

"...I need... special friends. I have ambitions of my own, and I need help to realise them. You are the kind of person who can give me that help."