The Night God

Also known as Scathach, she is the god of the Northerners in Cymria, as well as the people of Old Tara - their original homeland. The Night God is a god of the moon and of death. It is said that she and the Day God, Gryphus, once fought a terrible battle in which Gryphus cut out one of her eyes. The Night God replaced it with the full moon, and afterwards took the night as her domain.

The Night God is a savage and primal deity, to whom both animal and human sacrifices are offered. She commands her servant, the Shadow That Walks, to kill any mortal she considers a threat to her people or her ultimate goal.


The Day God, worshipped by the people of the South of Cymria. Gryphus is a sun god, very similar to Xanathus in Amoran. He is a god of life and fertility, often depicted in pictures with exaggerated genitalia. His devotees bring offerings of flowers and produce to his temples, and hold special ceremonies in his honour, most notably on the first day of Spring, also known as Springday, which is a time of plenty and special celebration. Griffins are considered sacred to Gryphus, believed to have been created by him to fight beside his chosen people.


The sun god of Amoran, thought to have inspired the Cymrian god Gryphus. Xanathus is also a fertility figure associated with crops and new life. His priests use a special fungus gathered from a sacred site known as the Valley of the Wind to experience what they believe are mystical visions of their god. Meditation and peaceful enlightenment are also considered to be very important. Each of Xanathus' temples contains a statue of him, as well as a flame kept constantly burning, into which worshippers throw their offerings.


A god worshipped in Eire, Oden is said to have given up an eye in exchange for wisdom. The talking ravens which live in that country are said to have been blessed with voices and intelligence by him.


The chief god of Rakos, believed to live on a mountaintop with his fellow gods. Unlike most gods, Dieus is inclined toward politics, and members of the Rakosian Senate hoping for advancement will offer sacrifices to him in exchange for his favour.

Blessed Ancestors

The people of Yu Tai worship the spirits of their noble and enlightened ancestors, and each Taian village has its own shrine to them, where travellers will leave offerings and light sticks of incense in their honour. The most revered ancestors of all, beside the great hero Amara, are those of past Samdechs - rulers of Yu Tai.