An Espanien fisherwoman who lives in the seaside town of Andaluce. Karmain is called "Tía", or "aunt" by the local children, who like her for her stories and carefree nature. Karmain is a dreamy woman with no immediate family, who is attracted by storms and other dramatic things. She has never experienced any real hardship in her life, and has a rather idealistic view of human nature - she thinks anyone can be friends if they simply talk to each other. That happens to be true, but Karmain has trouble convincing other people of it.

Karmain has a swarthy complexion, with dark hair and eyes, and spots a fish tattoo on one arm. She often goes barefoot, and has a fondness for wine.

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"Women can fight, can’t they? I can fight. I don’t see why I should have to stay here if we’re going to war."

"Mios Dio!"

"But I have to do something. Otherwise, I’ll do nothing at all."

" feels as if I have two hearts"

"There's magic... magic in the water"