When Rutger was only a boy his brother Horst was murdered by a black dragon, who was summoned and commanded to kill him by the Lords Warin and Reinhard. Rutger escaped the fight, carrying the dragon's broken horn with him, but could never forget the horror of what he witnessed. Afterward he asked the local blacksmith to forge a sword for him, with a handle made from the dragon's horn, and began practising obsessively with it every day.

Rutger is only a simple furrier, who traps and skins mink in the Gottlosen village of Gothendorf. But he dreams of one day leaving home to do battle with the Jungen and the dragons, and when one day a beautiful and mysterious woman comes to him and offers him a chance he could never have imagined, his life will change forever.

Rutger is brave and good-hearted, but rather naive and innocent in the ways of the world. He has a stocky build, dark green eyes and brown hair.

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"But I’m not too smart either. I mean… I’m only a furrier. I don’t even know how to read."

"And when you know you have to do something painful, it’s best not to think too hard about it. My father told me that."

"I really am the unlucky seventh son..."

"Before you came I was the village oddball. Everyone laughed at me behind my back; said I’d gone strange in the head since Horst died. My brothers were my only real friends, and they thought I was odd as well."

"You think you can cut me down with magic? Go ahead and try!"