Sixteen-year-old Sandra Raggard is a student at Malvern High, where her favourite subject is history. Her father is a chef who runs a restaurant in the city, and Sandy herself is an accomplished cook who hopes to open her own restaurant one day. She's the nice girl you met in highschool - the one who was prettier than she realised, and too shy to be popular.

Brave, thoughtful and somewhat naive, Sandy is fiercely loyal to her three friends, and shares her home with a small Rakosian griffin named Rickle.


-Sandy's name was more or less picked out of the air - I made it up on the spot when I first started to write about her, just as I did with the names of her friends, since she was originally only meant to appear in a single short story. However the world that short story showed me was so interesting that it ultimately spawned multiple books. The names, however, stuck