A contender for the most popular character in the series, Skandar was born a wild griffin, hatched in a valley South of the Coppertop Mountains. His mother was killed by griffiners while he was still in the nest, and he was left to fend for himself. As a result he never learned to speak properly, and remained monosyllabic and clumsy with words.

Skandar is a giant among griffins and can defeat any opponent in fair combat, but he has the intelligence of a three-year-old, and is easily manipulated. That said, he is still more than capable of ripping the head off any human - or griffin - who displeases him.

Appears In

Tales of Cymria

The Dark Griffin

The Griffin's Flight

The Griffin's War

The Shadow's Heir

The Shadowed Throne

The Shadow's Heart

Quotable Quotes

"Human do what Skandar say, or I tear off head!"

"Want fly! Want free!"

"Human... you want die?"