A black dragon with silver horns and red eyes. Like most dragons, Syn was "born" when a pair of Jungen summoned her, creating her from a piece of the Drachengott's own soul. All dragons serve the Drachengott and his followers, but Syn is outcast when the Drachengott himself mysteriously declares her a traitor and attempts to have her killed.

Syn is a seer, who sees the future in her dreams. She trusts her visions absolutely, and is obsessed with finding a way to make them into reality. She is more than prepared to lie, manipulate and even murder to reach that goal. Despite that she has a kind heart, and in her loneliness she is prepared to accept friendship from others - if somewhat cautiously.

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"You are the angry one from the mountain..."

"Your sword can be used to murder people, or protect them. The difference is how you choose to use it. Magic is the same."

"I’ve met clever farmers and stupid scholars. Your skills and station in life don’t change your inner worth."