A young adult spinoff from the Cymrian Saga, set hundreds of years after the end of the original series. Cymria, now named Simra, has all our modern technology, and many other things have changed. Man and griffin still live side by side, but now griffins choose to partner with CEOs and movie stars. Magic is studied in laboratories, and the immortal guardians have retreated, remembered now only as myths.

Sandy Raggard and her three friends are students at Malvern High, busy living ordinary teenage lives. But they have a secret: they are believers in the ancient legend of Arenadd Taranisäii, the Shadow That Walks - the immortal guardian who is said to have gone into a deep sleep in some secret place, where he waits to be awakened once more...


Sandy Raggard

Andoral Raedwald

Fellan Lutesinger

Chessi Anson


Dr Elias Hills