The Redguards are an older family than the Taranisaiis, but quite well-known in the North. They were originally from Old Eagleholm, and almost every male member of the family would serve in the city guard. As the Old Eagleholm guard wore red uniform tunics, the name of Redguard quickly attached itself to them. In Old Eagleholm it was said that there was no better guardsman than a Redguard, and it is often claimed that at least two Redguards climbed the hierarchy all the way to reaching the post of Commander of the entire city guard.

Unfortunately, after the fall of Old Eagleholm, the Redguard family's reputation was severely damaged - largely thanks to Branton Redguard, later known as "Bran the Betrayer", who was claimed to have helped his friend Arenadd that tragic night. Though he was acquitted of the charges against him, the family's honour was lost. The Redguards themselves nearly died out during the upheaval, finally leaving only one known descendent: young Kearney Redguard, the son of Bran's sister Finna Redguard and her husband Danthirk Danson.

The Redguards are known for their steadfast natures, and their family motto: "Duty, Loyalty, Honour". Their symbol is a spear and a short sword - the two weapons of a guardsman. Thought they are proud Southerners, their name has been irrevocably linked to that of Taranisaii - for better or for worse.